Affirmations Give You Confidence

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To be the Incharge of your life, a Real Boss Woman, it is important to have confidence in yourself and move with the objective insight in life. For which sometimes, Affirmations are necessary.

Whenever you fail, instead of giving up, raise your game. There are thousands of reasons to lose hope, to succumb to depression, but there is one reason to get up and go for it. Your dreams; and are worth every fall, every mistake, and every tear.

How fit you are, how focused you are, decides how far you go.

Love who you are and be ready to bring out your new version every few years. There is nothing wrong with Changing, change doesn’t have to be scary, it doesn’t have to mean you were not good enough, it just means who are happy to learn and adapt.

Explore your hidden talents, hidden desires, and potential. And trust me every few years you will find something about you that will be not just surprising, but shocking too. Be ready, and not just everyday ready, but exceptionally excited and superbly curious ready.

Today is special. Because you never lived this day before, you never had the experiences you will have now and you never knew as much you know today.

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Being conformable with yourself is far more important than being perfect. What I know is that I am better than yesterday and if life gives me a chance, I will be a better version of myself tomorrow. I have various flaws which I will not overcome, ever. Because I don’t plan to. It’s ok to have flaws and they make us a human. I know we are supposed to work on our weaknesses but sometimes it’s better to work on our strengths.

Find your direction and a path that can take you to places, no need to hurry as enjoying the journey is usually as important, it fills your future will interesting memories and stories to share.. and always remember, the major attraction of that destination is, not knowing where it is.

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