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Erum Masood- An Amazing Mentor

Erum Masood- An Amazing Mentor

Erum Masood is the CEO and Founder of PINE Global (business incubation).

She has been a PR consultant for over 15 years. Erum has been an Adviser to Asia Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network. Erum is known as the star representative at the House of Commons for women development. On a corporate level, she believes in Enhanced Productivity, Performance, Social adequacy, and Progressive Team Work.

Erum Masood is also a philanthropist and known mentor. She mentors and guides women and is a noteworthy coach for Pakistani females at this moment. She was highlighted as a Woman of Talent in 2016 and has been chosen for Pond’s Miracle Women in Pakistan. She is also working for a noteworthy cause, ‘Think Pink’ which is an awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer.

We met Erum, who has been a source of inspiration behind Boss Women Pakistan and had a light hearted chat:

Describe yourself in three words

Erum: Emotional, Expressive and Enterprising


Something you wish you knew 5 years ago

Erum: On a lighter note, I wish I knew that 2020 would be Corona’s year! I believe that we should only know what the need of the day is.


What’s your favorite thing about yourself

Erum: I would say the good thing about me is I am very adaptable.


Biggest hurdle you had to face in your professional journey

Erum: My professional journey is spread over 25 years and believe me it is still going on. The initial days were easy and less demanding. However once my career picked up the days became hard and the demand to keep growing was multiplied. We as women have to pick between personal and professional growth and I guess that is the biggest decision to make. The only hurdle I had to overcome was the travelling bit, shifting from one country to another as that was the demand of my profession.


Which woman has influenced you most in life

Erum: Behind every successful woman is the woman herself; but there can be other women who contribute towards your empowerment. My mother and my both sisters have played a major role in where I stand today.

However, the modern women today seem to inspire and aspire me every day. Powerful women who I admire are Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, Michelle Obama and Fatima Bhutto.


How do you wind down when you’re not working

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Erum: Cooking is my meditation and my time out. I am fond of cooking and love inviting people for meals and treats


What does being a powerful woman/ boss woman mean to you

Erum: A powerful woman does not tell others that how powerful she is, she just needs to show it. My friends and colleagues say I am a very strong woman and an influencer, but that is how I present myself. The essence of a powerful or a boss woman is how she carry herself and stand firm on her grounds.


What do you think is one of the hardest thing women face today, whether in the workplace or in their personal lives

Erum: I would say it’s the behavior of incompetent colleagues at the workplace. On a senior level it is always the discrimination which a woman faces. At home I would personally say that the attitude of the husband and children that’ swings and makes it difficult for a woman to handle.


What is your message for all the potential boss women out there

Erum: Let the woman inside you; evaluate you and explore the real YOU, each day!

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