Faiza Hassan- Talent Unlimited

We are thrilled to introduce the ultimate boss woman Faiza Hassan as the face of Boss Woman Pakistan.
Faiza Hasan is a well-known name in the Pakistani drama and film industry; she is known to take up some of the most daring roles and acing them, but what makes her unique is that she is a very opinioned person who is not afraid to speak her mind.

She is a devoted mother of two, who has been balancing her work and personal life since many year, she travels frequently between England and Pakistan managing it all like a pro boss women that she is!

Faiza Hassan is a brilliant Pakistani drama and Film actress, she has been part of many famous dramas. She is a versatile actress and proved her talent on different forums. Faiza Hassan played the character of “Baby Baji” in the movie Load Wedding and proved herself as one of the finest artist of Pakistan. Faiza Hassan has also played the role of “Gohar” in drama Nand. Our to-date favorite character of Faiza is Neelofer from Burns Road ki Neelofer, in which she depicted an ordinary Pakistani girls character with finesse and class. She has done Master in English Literature and Urdu language from University of Karachi and also worked at an advertising agency for some time.

Faiza Hasan is a star who we all adore for her lively personality and dedication towards her profession. Watch the video where she has spoken her mind out, sharing ways on how to become your own boss, this video message all the way from UK is full of optimistic vibes.

Faiza’s guide on how to become your own boss has made us fall in love with her even more for her genuine yet optimistic approach towards life.



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