Re-Style Your Old Outfits

2020 has been a tough year for most. While we cannot even imagine the pain a lot of people have suffered due to illness and deaths of the loved ones, losing jobs and surviving through depression. We need to keep our hopes up for upcoming year. That’s life.

But one thing we all can agree upon is the loneliness we experienced during the lock down. All the material stuff we collect over the years was sitting in our cupboards staring at us.

Which is why a lot of people opted out of major shopping sprees this year and spent more on donations and staying healthy.

All the free time also made us think about getting creative with our wardrobe. Here are 5 ways you can style your clothes in your cupboard in a way they will look and feel like new, in the new year without spending a dime!

We took inspirations from our favorite Influencers and sharing their creativity to inspire you to look your best as well.

1. Belt up that oversize kurta or t-shirt for a modern look, check out how trendy our very own Amtul look here


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2. Use a coat or jacket for styling a simple jumpsuit or t-shirt and jeans look, As usual the style game of Hemayal is on-point here


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A post shared by Hemayal | Content Creator (@hemayal)

3. Use the fancy old dupatta to spice up a simple dress. Everything looks great on Manahyl but this style Diva has outdone herself here


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A post shared by Manahyl (@manahyl)

4. Accessorize a simple outfit, feel free to add heels, bold jewelry and a classy bag

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