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Winters Night Routine for all Boss Women

Winters Night Routine for all Boss Women

At Boss Women Pakistan, when we talk about night routine, it’s not JUST about your skincare. It’s about self-care.

A routine that will ensure a peaceful ending to a hectic day and will prepare you for an energetic, productive morning.

Crisp cold nights are making us quite lazy, it’s given that we don’t feel like getting out of the bed, and still, it’s imperative that we push ourselves for a healthy routine each night. Living in Karachi can make the transition from extreme summer to winter very tough on a karachiite who isn’t really used to extreme weather.

So during this cold season and Work from Home situation, we have come up a routine that would not let you down.

06:00 p.m.: Be done with your work, close the laptop and reset your office space

07:00 p.m.: Have an early dinner, it will help your metabolism to function properly and give enough time before sleep for digestion

08:00 p.m.: Watch TV; Netflix and Chill is the mantra we live by, it’s necessary to unwind with your family every night and enjoy some relaxing shows, You can also check your social media for the last time before sleeping

09:00 p.m.: Play a board game with your family, we highly recommend Ludo and Uno!

09:30 p.m.: Change into your Pj’s, Floss, Mouthwash, Brush, Remove makeup, wash your face with a good cleanser, use an eye cream and a night face cream, Brush your hair

10:00 p.m.: Set out your work clothes, Practice French with Duolingo, Read a chapter of your favorite book, Meditate

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11:00 p.m.: Lights out missy, you need to get up early for exercise remember.

We hope this inspires you to see what you can add or how you can structure your night routine so that it works for you and help you end the day on a productive note, making sure you are taken care of.

Sweet Dreams! XOXO

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