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What Does Self Care Really Means?

What Does Self Care Really Means?

What does this self-care phenomenon we see on Instagram means?

Putting on a mask and drinking green juices?

Spending thousands on highlighters?

Or investing in yourself, your mental health, and your relationships and finding your own comfort zone?

To me, financial independence is the ultimate self-care. I cared about my education which now takes care of me. I cared about money, which now take care of me. I cared about learning and improving myself, competing with Only myself and that’s paying in long run.

Self-care is projected as something that makes you feel good about yourself, and don’t get me wrong, on a lazy Sunday afternoon that’s exactly what we all need. But do we need that every single day? How can something that makes us feel good in a moment help us Live Good in long term?

Pls, don’t be fooled by drawers full of highlighters you see influencers using. They usually get it for free. And even when it’s not free, it’s benefiting them in some way since playing with makeup is probably how they earn their lively hood. They have developed a profession out of a hobby. If you haven’t or don’t intend to then pls ask yourself where can you invest those 15k you are about to spend on Huda beauty website. Can you instead spend that on course to learn something new? Buy a URL that can help you start your own thing from home? Or save for a rainy day?

Differentiate between self-care and self-indulgence. Choose a better future over what feels good in the moment. There is nothing more powerful than a financially stable woman. Idealize them and eventually be one.

The “Instagram self-care” I’ve seen a lot of is definitely more like “self-indulge”. I used to follow an Instagram account that did have self-care tips such as create a morning routine, dance to your favorite song before an interview, make your bed every morning etc. But then it slowly became a “self-indulge” space, because probably that’s what people want, so I had to unfollow even though they used to have great tips.

Actual self-care list (not so expensive):

-Have nutritious food for breakfast (some fiber please)

-Workout 2-3 times a week (or more)

-Learn cooking techniques (so you can have better food at home)

-Play videogames (not expensive in the longrun)

-Don’t go out to eat (this affects your finances and sets higher standards)

-Invite your friends over to play board games

-Go see a therapist or psychiatrist if you are not ok (don’t let your mental health deteriorate)

-Take your medicine

-Brush your teeth and floss

-Shower (everyday please) with a nice shampoo and conditioner (nice is not necessarily expensive)

-Go take a walk when you are bored

-Replace sugar with some sweetener (at least here these are inexpensive)

-Identify the things that are bothering you of your body (for example, my neck hurts sometimes or I have backpain, or my hands are dry, or I have a weird fungus or whatever) and do something about it

-Meal prep for the week (I am unable to eat healthy otherwise, I just eat cheese sandwiches everyday xd)

See Also

-Understand that you are not going to be perfect in everyway and that you are doing the best you can.

-Wash your clothes, sheets and towels regularly

-Buy a reusable water bottle and have it next to you in case you get thirsty

-Buy ONE pair of sunglasses and use them when you need (buy one or else it will be expensive)

-Wear sunscreen or at least have it on your backpack (maybe eventually you’ll use it)

-Check your finances every day, just watch your balance (5min of your day), you’ll start to save a lot more money if you are aware of how much you are spending.

-Find an “analog” hobby if you have time. Now I am making a teddy bear, super random, but it’s entertaining and lets me focus on something else for a while.

-Clean your place regularly, also once a year do a Marie Kondo style cleaning and donate everything.

-Buy some plants, these have made a huge difference in my life.

-Have a cup of coffee out once every two weeks

Love yourself, even when you are in the losing phase of life, especially when you are in the losing phase of life.

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