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I always knew what I wanted, and I have never been afraid to step up and get it. I realized early on that you have to work your way up from the bottom, easy beginnings have cheesy endings, so I had a cheesy beginning by walking in an office with a one-pager cv to find an internship while on a break after my bachelors. I was 21 years old at that time. That bold step changed my life, that small internship which I btw pretty much sucked at, taught me the basics, beginning with the harsh reality that I didn’t even know how to speak to anyone who was not my age, that I was extremely forgetful and that I lacked focus.

Of course, I had no idea how big a deal it was to master those three traits; communication expertise, organizational skills, and being on toes for what you want; these traits define not just your career path, it greatly affects every segment of your life. That office was a stepping stone that affected pretty much everything I learned or experienced, later on, I met a mentor who was kind enough to have one on one sessions and guided me in the right direction, I found friends who made me make a list of all my weaknesses and advised me on the solutions and I found the courage to apply into the college I never thought I could get in.

Every day is a new day and every new day I find a new me, wanting to do something new, liking something I didn’t a day before, and changing my opinions about things I held too close to my heart previously. And why not, at this stage of life, when I want to be so much more, the one thing I don’t want to be is stubborn. I am a work in progress, there is so much room for improvement, so why stick to the old ideas when you have new information, new beginning also comes from a new perspective, and I am not afraid to change mine.

As a working mother, I have way too many stories to tell, I know how women feel when they have no one who can understand them. Boss women was always designed to do that job, a space where you can get inspired and inspire others at the same time.

And these are the learnings I intend to share through Boss Women Pakistan.

My mantra behind this magazine is simple “The goal behind isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”. Chuck Palahnick


Anika Moiz (CMktr)


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