How to Invest Money Like a Boss

Hello all boss women out there, if you have saved up a little cash from your hustle, we have a few ideas for you to make the right choice in investing your money in places where that money can work for you!

  1. Start a small Business- nothing like working on something you can call yours, start a side hustle
  2. Buy Gold- this age-old advice has been very lucrative recently, keep an eye on the rate fluctuation and buy when its cheapest
  3. Buy Foreign Currency- Again, keep an eye on the rates and buy when it’s on the lowest, it would also help you in your next travels
  4. Invest in stocks- Pakistani market can be very volatile, learn the basics first and start small with diversified buying
  5. Invest in Funds- There are many asset management companies in Pakistan now which give you a more structured and safer way to invest instead of taking direct stock market exposure. Tax savings are a plus point here so meet a representative of any good investment company and open an account
  6. Insurance Plans- they provide what nothing else does, security for the unforeseen, we recommend life insurance and bancassurance plans especially if you have kids
  7. BAGS! Yes this is our favorite type of investment, read about the price increases of Hermes and Chanel and you will know what we are talking about
  8. Real estate- Karachi is a real estate haven, but the upward going prices in Islamabad are also showing an interesting trend, if you have enough to invest, this is where you should invest
  9. Cryptocurrency- The cryptocurrency market has made many people very wealthy over the past decade. However, due to the volatile nature of the prices of digital currencies, new traders are hesitant to get into this business
  10. Last but not least, invest in yourself. Learn a new skill, get a new degree, polish your skills so you are ready for any unforeseen time in the future, and can also progress quicker in your field.

Happy Investing!


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