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Work from Home Outfits

Work from Home Outfits

Have you grown tired of working from home in sweatpants? Well, same here!

Working from home takes a bit of adjusting to get used to. There should always be coffee and healthy snacks on hand, and you should keep a routine just like you would if you were leaving your home to go to the office. And just like you would make your bed first thing in the morning, you should also be hopping out of those pajamas. When you get dressed in “real clothes,” it will make you feel more alert and productive. It also helps when your boss asks you to hop on a last-minute Zoom call.

While lounging around in comfy clothes sounds great, after a while, you start to miss the routine of getting up and getting ready in the morning. But getting dressed doesn’t have to be a debate between sweats and business casual. There are plenty of outfits that look (and feel) more polished without putting on a pair of jeans.

But that doesn’t mean you need to wear your best lawn suit or sit around in a constricting button-down shirt. You just need a handful of comfy yet stylish pieces to help you come up with your best work-from-home outfit ideas. To help, we’ve gathered some of our favorite essentials that are fashionable (and totally cozy!). We have added some comfy options for days when you don’t have any meetings lined up too.

  1. Matching Separates are not just super Comfy, they look very chic at any time of the day

2. Our favorite combo for indoors and outdoors is the forever stylish- White top and blue jeans

3. The power of a Lawn Kurta with straight pants can not be undermined ever!

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5. Our favorite Look for days when there are no zoom calls! As Twinkle Khanna says, Pajamas are forgiving

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