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Featured Startups of the Month

Featured Startups of the Month

For years, stereotypical notions have restricted women from making a name for themselves. Although globally there has been a shift from this idea, Pakistan still has a long way to go. Only one percent of Pakistan’s total businesses are owned by women. However, this one percent consists of strong, brave, boss women, who have paved a way for themselves through male-dominated industries. These women have showcased their skills through various startups. Be it the technical side or the creative, they have covered them all.

The HF Way

Hina Fahad started her own journey towards a healthy lifestyle in May ’20, taking her dietician as her inspiration, but she soon realized that she could not agree to everything they had been advising her. Her inquisitive nature forced her to research about macros and food science in detail and she started taking multiple courses about craft meal plans that she could follow easily, without feeling that she was losing out on the simple joys of eating.

Hina completed a comprehensive Nutrition course from Stanford University as well as another on weight management and balancing beyond calories. She is also currently enrolled in a course on individualized health and nutrition with the intent of bringing awareness among people about how fad diets ruin our metabolic system and how important is to eat everything yet lose extra weight.

She has lost 13 kgs so far and have successfully changed many lives.

She believed that determination, consistency and positivity are the major keys to success when it comes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, her start-up the HF Way preaches the same. As per HF way, you don’t have to torture yourself to lose your weight. All you have to do is EAT consciously, EAT mindfully, EAT moderately!

Join her group to transform yourself: The HF Way-




With a boom in resin art industry, Ayesha Rajput decided to challenge her inner artistic skills to do something positive during the pandemic. The business idea came to her at the time of her mother’s birthday in November 2020 when she was looking for some unique gift ideas. Ayesha connected with some businesses to buy raisin art and ended up an online course herself, it was around a month long course, during which she made resin art tray & coasters set for her mother instead of buying from someone else. That was how it started and now she is running a successful small business venture through social media (Instagram). She is still exploring and learning with each day, trying to produce more artistic and unique work for her clientele with each passing day.

Given the stats resin art market is expected to reach $10.3 billion by 2027, so it’s good to get on it early and earn some extra money out of this luxury art before the market saturates. Last but not least, Resin art also stand out in terms of its characteristics of being resistant to humidity, water & heat.

To Order for yourself connect with Ayesha at 923218929208 or +61470327642 or follow her instagram account: artessentialsbyas




Roaa Tahir did her bachelors in design with major in interior architecture, and masters in project management. For 4 years she worked with a construction company as a design architect, she even started her own architecture firm with two other friends, but furniture was something that she was always drawn to, something that got her excited. It took her a long time but she finally figured out a niche or herself that she knew she can do wonders with. Furniture.

For the longest time she noticed a huge gap in the furniture industry in Pakistan, one can either find high end expensive furniture that can only be afforded by the most elite or on the other hand, mediocre furniture made in old traditional craft design in poor quality that is available for by the masses. Then there were people, who wanted modern contemporary furniture, something chic and minimalistic, and since there is no affordable brand that sold such products in such designs, such people had to resort to second hand products. This is when ROAATHAWRA came to life, it took Roaa a year to build a team, find suppliers, make a space for a workshop, but finally the day came to launch, and 6 months down the road, they are getting better at it every day, the response has been absolutely amazing.

Being a women in this industry has its challenges, but she is determined and very proud to be amongst the few who are trying to bring a change in our society regarding a women’s status in the business world.



Samrah Azhar is an MBA in aviation management working with an airline. Her current designation is Sr. Manager Flight Service & Cabin Safety. Additionally she is a safety and human factor trainer too. She is responsible for all cabin crew team performance and entire aircraft cabin safety procedures.

Part of her job is to take part in cabin crew recruitment too. When she recruit for cabin crew and other positions, she found that there is a huge gap between what skills are required and what are available in candidates applying for the jobs plus the expectations of corporate or working world are opposite of what it actually is.

Hence in January 2021 she launched a platform called The Gateway to provide coaching sessions for incoming and existing employees. She plan to carry out soft skill and highly specialized training on international standards at extremely economical rates for those who cannot invest heavily. She started this platform from her home and managing it virtually.

Her course ‘Train the trainer’ is available for booking through her page.

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