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Multi-Talented Nadia Hussain

Multi-Talented Nadia Hussain

How you managed your studies with a thriving modeling career at such young age

OK, so how I managed my studies along with my career was because I was always very organized and I used to prioritize my studies 1st, and when I had time I used to be doing modeling. When I didn’t have time, especially during those days when I had exams or assignments or projects or things like that I would not actually take up any modeling assignment. Even when I had to travel to Lahore or Islamabad, I would attend my college first, take my car, go to the airport, park my car there, and then I would take the afternoon flight. I would land in Lahore, go straight for rehearsals, and makeup. Do the fashion show and come back by the late-night flight and get sleep on the flight. When I used to come home I would get ready and go to college in the morning. So yes, it was challenging, but it was fun. A lot was happening, shows, shoots, and dramas. So the challenge to focus on studies and the challenge to do better in studies became more which eventually helped me because then I started getting more focused on my studies and that helped me in getting distinctions as well.


Tell us about your Professional Journey, from being a successful model and actor, how did the idea of starting your own business came into being

So realistically speaking, after I had been a model and an actor, and I was also hosting and doing all of that in the media industry, I had understood and realized that there was a shelf life to being in this field. And I knew that I couldn’t continue for very long, without having something more reliable to fall back on. Since I am a dentist, I decided that I wanted to pursue aesthetics, which is the field of Botox and fillers, and you know any aesthetic beauty enhancement treatments. So I did those courses in Singapore and I decided that I wanted to start a clinic. But then I was looking for space and I couldn’t really find a space which was good enough. I finally found a space where my E street salon is, but by then I decided that instead of me just starting a clinic, let me open a salon instead so that’s how it actually all started. It was not planned. But yes, I did feel the need to, you know, move ahead in life and not relying on people to give me a job, which was what exactly it is in the media industry. Whether you’re an actor, whether you’re a model, whether you are a host, you know you’re relying on people to give you the job and I just didn’t like that feeling, so I knew that I had to do something of my own.

What do you think has been the reason behind your success

I’d say the reason behind my success was that I really wasn’t afraid of taking chances. I would assess an opportunity and I would go ahead with it. I think that is what happened when I became a brand ambassador for lawn. Then for shoes. And then I decided that I had enough money where I could start a business of my own. So I took chances. I mean, I did something which I didn’t initially felt like I could do, but I did take the opportunity. I also most certainly have to give credit to my family, to my mother, and my husband. For being there and supporting all my decisions and for making it all possible because with kids it’s really not that easy for a woman, I was blessed to have had the support I needed to grow.

How do you manage so many roles so seamlessly

I think managing the roles just comes from being in the moment, so when I’m an actor I am basically just thinking about acting, when I’m at the salon doing makeup, I’m only thinking about that or if I’m doing a haircut, I’m only thinking about that. Then of course, when I’m home with my kids, you know, as a mother I’m focusing on them. Of course, there are lots of times when things overlap. But I think I pretty much stay in the moment and I focus on what I have to get done at that moment and that is what helps me playing a number of roles.


Which person has influenced you most in life

I can’t say that there was this particular person I got inspired by. I’ve always been influenced and inspired by people who have generally been successful at any one thing. It could be anything. As long as someone is dedicated to their job and good at it, no matter what designation they have, if they are successful at what they’re doing I get inspired by them. It could be somebody senior, somebody who’s unknown, and anybody who has achieved something in their life. I mean really, anything that just makes me feel in awe of them. At times I kind of try and follow in their footsteps and try and do what they have done.


How do you wind down when you’re not working

I now have enough time to wind down. When I don’t have an appointment or a play recording I might not have a play recording, I’m home and at that time I choose to just stay in bed for a while. I like staying in my night suit. It’s also because of the pandemic that things have kind of become considerably slow. I love spending quality time with my kids and my husband. We watch a movie and that is winding downtime for me. Other than that, I like to hang out with my friends and do the regular normal things that people do.


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If you compare the times when you started to today, do you think things have changed for women considerably in Pakistan


Yes, I do most certainly think that things have changed a lot for women in Pakistan, things have become a whole lot better. Just in the media industry, there were no female directors. There were no female photographers. There were not many females who were actually part of behind-the-scenes in the media industry. So women were more in front of the camera not behind the camera. Now they have claimed their space everywhere. We have been fighting a lot for equality. We’ve been fighting a lot for lots of issues such as domestic abuse. At least these subjects are being talked about openly which will pave the way to real change I believe. I’m not saying that things are hunky Dory right now in Pakistan, but yes, they are changing very, very drastically and at a fast pace.


What will be your message for all the boss women out there

My message to all the boss women out there would be to keep doing what you’re doing. You were born to be a boss. Nobody can tell you that you are not supposed to be where you are and to all the women who are aspiring to be bosses; most certainly we are born to be a certain way, we are born to be even bosses in our homes. So of course I would say that managing a home is one of the most difficult things to do. If you can be the boss of your house, you can be the boss of anything for sure.


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