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Mina Salman- World of the beauteous

Mina Salman- World of the beauteous

What are the chances that you Google an amazing woman and the result shows you an amazing port? Yes, Mina Salman might be known as a gorgeous port in Bahrain but she in reality is a Pakistani Boss Woman who carries an ocean in herself. Wife, Mother, Daughter, Entrepreneur, and a much-known Influencer, what is that Mina hasn’t been doing lately.

From starting a business from scratch just a few years ago from a Facebook page to being the best go-to makeup and skincare e-commerce website, her journey has been incredible.

Many people are quick to judge a business at the slightest mistake without knowing the story behind it. Every small-scale business comes with its own set of challenges especially in the early years when it has limited resources and Bagallery, Mina’s company has gone through the same.

So we had a little chat with her to know about her story and ended up being completely blown away by both her personality and her remarkable journey.


Describe yourself in three words

Mina: Friendly, Goal-oriented, Sensitive


Something you wish you knew 5 years ago

Mina: Never forget to value and celebrate yourself, you come first, if you are sorted, everything will sort out itself with hard work and dedication


What’s your favorite thing about yourself

Mina: I don’t let failure pull me down


How Bagallery started and what has been the biggest challenge since its inception

Mina: When I moved to UAE it was very challenging to find a job in a new market even though I had previous working experience back in Pakistan, I tried teaching and did not like it at all, it was not something that matched my personality. So I started something from the comfort of home which I was passionate about, Bags and makeup one-stop shop via a Facebook page in 2015. It was a time when online shopping was growing and women were looking to buy Sephora and Huda beauty authentic products that were not available in Pakistan. Eventually, the business started to expand and I and my husband decided to launch a website as catering to so many orders on messages was not viable anymore. The biggest challenge was the technical part, due to a shortage of funds we could not invest heavily in a high-end website at that time and had to face backlash due to such issues.


The biggest hurdle you had to face in your professional journey

Mina: Well as I mentioned earlier first was technology, understanding it and upgrading it over time has been the biggest challenge. Also since we have been running a business in Pakistan remotely from UAE, the delivery and customs issues are sometimes a huge problem.


Which person has influenced you most in life

Mina: Firstly, My Mother- She is not just a very strong person but her forward-thinking approach has been an inspiration for me. Also, my husband has been my supporter from day one, we both realized early on what our strengths and weaknesses are and distributed the responsibilities accordingly.

I am also a huge fan of Frida Kahlo and her musings have been a big part of my life growing up.


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How do you wind down when you’re not working

Mina: I love watching TV, that’s ‘Me time’ and I love dramas that make me forget about whatever is going on work front and reboot.


What does being a powerful woman/ boss woman mean to you

Mina: A Boss woman is a happy woman, someone who is comfortable being herself and can stay positive most of the time.

What do you think is one of the hardest things women face today, whether in the workplace or in what measures we need to take to make it easier for women to find comfort at work

Mina: Workplace harassment is very real. Now that many women are coming out of their homes to work side by side with men, making them feel safe and secure should be the highest priority of any organization. Bagallery prides itself on providing an open door policy in this regard and always prioritizing the comfort zone of our team members over everything.

Small gestures like providing hygienic private areas and sanitary napkins for women can make a big difference for women who spend 8-12 hours a day in an office.


What is your message for all the Aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Mina: follow your passion, do what you are good at. Equip yourself with a skill, and when starting a business don’t underestimate the need for a proper thought after the business plan. Make yourself comfortable with Profit and loss statements, pricing demand, and supply chains. Connect with others on one on one basis to create a network that works for you. Collaborations are extremely important even if they are with your competitor, grow together if necessary. Be very prepared for the elevator pitch, get yourself enrolled with an incubator to find a good investor who believes in your plans. Stay true to your goals and don’t listen to others when it comes to your business.

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