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Fake It Till You Make It!

Fake It Till You Make It!

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When I started college, although still very naïve, I had an upper hand over most of my classmates because of utilizing my summer holidays to get first hand working experience in an advertising agency, I had confidence in myself, I knew the value of money and I was hungry for more. But for the most part, it was all for the show.

I will never forget my first presentation in the first semester, it was a marketing course, I rattofied my entire part and forgot everything the minute I stood in front of the class, I mumbled some words here and there and got back as soon as I could all embarrassed. I don’t think I will ever forget that day. I realized two things that afternoon. first, confidence doesn’t come only with your appearance so that beautiful red dress didn’t help at all, it comes from within and with the knowledge that you know what you are talking about. If only I had been a part of the development of that presentation from the beginning and knew about the subject better, I wouldn’t have messed up the way I did. Now every time I stand in a boardroom and present strategies that make sense, I remember that day, I recall where I started from and I look at myself and feel proud of how far I have come along.

This feeling is irreplaceable; remembering your humble beginning keeps you grounded and keeps you going.

Whenever you fail, instead of giving up, Raise your game. There are thousands of reasons to lose hope, to succumb to depression, but there is one reason to get up and go for it. Your dreams; and are worth every fall, every mistake, and every tear.

How fit you are, how focused you are, decides how far you go.

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It’s easy to lose your way but If your feet are firmly planted on the ground, they take you to where your want to be.

Remember, it’s not just you, who feels like a nobody sometimes, who thinks she is the only one nervous in the room, who assume she is not enough. Everyone has been at that stage some time in their life and sometimes on repeat, yet the ones who survive are the ones who have grit, so fake that confidence, that smile, and that boss attitude till you are 100% there. We all do it, it’s Alright and nothing to be ashamed of. Now go make it happen and claim the crown you Boss Woman.

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