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Natasha Durrani- An Entrepreneur with a vision

Natasha Durrani- An Entrepreneur with a vision

An entrepreneur and communications professional, Natasha presently holds the position of Executive Director at Media Matters Communications (Pvt) Ltd. where she oversees strategic communication and works towards identifying new business opportunities. Media Matters is one of the leading PR consultancy firms in Pakistan. An affiliate of Grayling, a world-leading communications solutions provider, Media Matters has a diverse portfolio of blue-chip and multinational clientele encompassing telecom, energy, financial services, tech, FMCG, and public sector industries. With an MBA degree in Marketing, Natasha has more than a decade of experience in advertising, communication, and digital/social media. Natasha is also an avid lifestyle blogger.


Describe yourself in three words

Natasha: Passionate, hardworking, and focused.


Something you wish you knew 5 years ago

Natasha: We couldn’t imagine life in isolation 5 years ago but since the pandemic, we now know that everything is possible from the comforts of your home, be it education, work, or shopping – all at the click of a button. No one knew a crisis could bring a digital revolution that would change the world so quickly.


What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

Natasha: I’m a go-getter! I never leave things incomplete. Time management is extremely important to me. Also, My family is my number one priority.


How you ended up in PR and what is your take on the future of this industry

Natasha: I was always interested in pursuing advertising and started my career with an advertising agency while completing my MBA degree. Had to take a gap of around 10 years after my marriage as I was committed to raising my kids and didn’t want to work full time.  During this time I started teaching Advertising in a business school. Along with that, I ran a very successful clothing business for many years. PR industry had been thriving over the years and my kids were older so I entered our family-run PR agency, initially part-time but now I’m fully committed to it for the past few years.


The biggest hurdle you had to face in your professional journey

Natasha: It took me some time to get back in the groove as PR was new to me, had to learn from the basics but now I enjoy the fast pace of this industry. The excitement of winning a client to the stress of crisis management…. PR is fascinating. It is difficult to manage a full-time career with kids at times but I try to balance both as my kids are in their teens now.

Which person has influenced you most in life?

Natasha: A clichéd answer but my Husband. He was the one who encouraged me to come back to work after the long gap. He mentored and prepared me for this PR role.


How do you wind down when you’re not working

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Natasha: I love to spend time with my kids as they are both teens now and my best friends. I’m a self-proclaimed Netflix addict and enjoy binge-watching on weekends. Also, a foodie and travel enthusiast which gave birth to my Instagram blog Tashathefoodietraveller ( Fitness is also a very important part of my life.


What does being a powerful woman/ boss woman mean to you

Natasha: I’m a very casual and friendly person and I’m more of a friend to my team members rather than a boss. I hope my guidance and mentorship can make a difference in their lives and careers.


What do you think is one of the hardest things women face today, whether in the workplace or in what measures we need to take to make it easier for women to find comfort at work

Natasha: I think times have changed and there is no difference between men and women at the workplace. Women should be confident enough to carve their own place so that no one is able to harass them. Being a woman leading the company, I do try to give equal opportunity to women, also the office environment in Media Matters is very conducive to females and men working here respect and regard all women equally.


What is your message for all the potential boss women out there?

Natasha: There is nothing that a woman cannot do!! Keep working hard and you will reach the top! Patience is a virtue.

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